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Gun manufacturers are making some big changes to their current product lines as more and more sales come from American women. Today’s girls want handguns that are small, discreet, and yes – sometimes pink. Additionally, firearm manufactures are engineering pistols especially, with less recoil (kick) to make it easier for women to confidently defend themselves.

The number of firearm purchases from women are at record levels in the United States.  The proportionate number of background checks as reported by the FBI measures this trend.  The motivating factor driving this upward trend is, perception that violent crime is on the rise.

In response, to the demand from women for more sleek and compact guns, companies like Smith and Wesson are designing weapons to fill that void.  These are not just colorful toys females carry around, these guns will definitely kill brutal predators.  As you can imagine, when a company produces a firearm friendly for a woman to carry, she obtains the legal right to possess it.  Conceal handgun permits among women have also increased in recent years.

During an interview at gun range in Boulder City, Colorado, Kie Wagner, a Glock spokeswomen was heard saying, “Women have always been in and around the industry.  We have always been here; we have always been shooting.”  Wagner statement is valid, women have always been around firearms, but firearms have essentially always been “toys for men”.  That is all changing now, women are roaring.

Glock has a series of firearms called the “Slim line” series, pitched to a female audience.  One of guns from this line, the G36, was promoted by Wagner at the Shot Show, a convention hosted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

The G36 is a super-compact pistol that measure in width, just above one inch.  The standard police service pistol, as preferred by law enforcement, is a Glock 9mm that can carry up to fifteen rounds.  This pistol tends to be heavy and is not ideal for a mother to conceal in her purse, or even as a sidearm.  The G36 carries a maximum seven rounds in a single stack formation, and is far less cumbersome.   Glock has designed the G36 to be easily concealed beneath a woman’s clothing.

Along with Wagner there were a multitude of individuals representing manufacturers in different capacities.  Among them was Gary Ramey, a former Beretta employee, representing the Georgia gun startup, Honor Defense.  He was promoting his latest pistol, the Honor Guard.  The Honor Guard nine millimeter, Ramey said, was developed in consultation with female gun lovers.

No matter how you look at it, it’s clear to see that today’s women are more likely to both carry concealed guns for self defense and also to shoot for sport. If you’re a girl who loves guns, tell us what you look for when choosing a new pistol!


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