clinton vs sanders on guns

Most people did not didn’t know Bernie Sanders before the recent election hype.  Now everyone knows him as the socialist senator from Vermont that happens to be seeking the democratic nomination for the Presidency.  As a democratic socialist one would think that he walks the party line on all the issues, but he doesn’t.  To be elected for any office in Vermont, you have to have some pro-gun stances as it concerns hunting firearms.  Well for some twenty plus years he has, until now.

Hillary Clinton is also seeking the democratic nominee for the highest office in the land.  Unlike Sanders, Clinton has always wanted to strip Americans of their right to bear arms.  Recently Clinton has turned up the heat on Sanders on the issue of gun control, and he is now co-sponsoring a bill in the senate that would make gun manufactures assume civil culpability of the deaths that occur as a result of mass shootings.  If this bill is made law, victims, or families of the victims, would be able to sue gun manufactures for damages caused as a result of being shot by the gun they made.

Sanders campaign officials have confirmed that he does support this heavy-handed legislation.  In 2005 a bill was constructed in the senate that prohibited civil action against firearm manufactures.  At that time, Sanders voted to protect gun manufactures from lawsuits, keeping with his long held stance on guns.  Many voters are used to the fact that running for president often changes the belief system of core issues for many candidates.

Hilary Clinton is pressing Sanders hard on this issue.  This is where Clinton has lead over Sanders with Democrat voters.  Clinton is not the only one putting pressure on Bernie Sanders on the issue of gun control, but on the hill there are other senators and of course, President Obama is turning up the heat.

Clinton is becoming more and more frightened that the socialist senator from Vermont is essentially a strong rival in Iowa, and she is losing drastically in New Hampshire.  However, Sanders is in trouble with the base pertaining guns and his relationship with the “big bad” National Rifle Association.

Gabby Gifford is on the campaign trail with the former Secretary of State Clinton.  Mrs. Gifford is a former Arizona congresswoman that was nearly killed in a mass shooting that wounded nineteen and killed six.  Hillary strongly encourages the voters to remember congresswoman Gifford and to vote accordingly.  She also urges the voters to keep in mind Bernie Sander’s voting record in the senate on gun issues.


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