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The tragic death of Supreme Court justice, Antonin Scalia has Second Amendment supporters concerned about the future of the country.  The justice was known as an “originalist”, one who interprets the constitution directly, as expressed in the original document, regardless of the evolution of the country’s morality and progressive changes.

The conservative Justice was the deciding 5-4 vote in many cases involving important conservative rights of Americans.  As an avid supporter of the second amendment, he was undoubtedly an obstacle in the left-wing agenda to repeal American’s foundational right to bear arms.  Second amendment supporters across the nation are concerned about the possibility of an appointment by current president, Barrack Obama.

As many advocate that the appointment be postponed until after the current presidential election cycle is complete, there is still fear that if either self-professed socialist, Bernie Sanders or left-wing extremist Hillary Clinton are elected, the appointment will be similar to Mr. Obama’s, if not worse.  This issue is certainly a “deal changer” in the presidential election, as many republican candidates have expressed the importance of the appointment to the future of our country.  Candidates that are current members of the United States Senate, as well as numerous other republican senators, have expressed their intent to block in nomination proposed by president Obama.

Aside from the presidential election this raises the point of the importance of maintaining a republican majority in the senate in the upcoming election, in order to ensure that the appointment is passed, assuming that a republican is elected into the office of the president.  Another topic of concern is the impending resignation of two additional justices, allowing the new president to appoint a total of three justice of his or her choosing.  If liberal justices are appointed, it is very likely that the second amendment will become a thing of the past.

Further concerns arise from the knowledge that the first order of developing a tyrannical style government is the disarming of the people, giving the government ultimate control and ensuring that public resistance does not stop the tyrannical evolution of the government.

In a 2012 Washington Times Article, Justice Scalia said, ’’I would not like to be replaced with someone who immediately sets about trying to undo everything I’ve done.”  Second amendment supporters share Justice Scalia’s concerns.


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