No one thought they’d see the day when the AK-47, one of the finest firearms to ever be produced by Russia, would become an American product, yet that’s exactly what’s about to happen. Soon AK-47’s will be made in Florida. The AK-47 is a very fine weapon that has gotten some bad publicity because it’s favorited by extremist groups, terrorists, and guerilla soldiers. It’s also been the preferred weapon of many military groups around the world. The company that makes the rifle describes them as, “an iconic firearms platform, revered the world over, with a history of intrigue and controversy.”

Since the weapon was first designed and manufactured after WWII, Russia has produced more than 100 million of the iconic rifles. Now the company responsible for the gun plans to open a manufacturing plant in Pompano Beach, Fla.

The AK-47 is the brain child of Russian Army tank commander Mikhail Kalashnikov. During the Battle of Bryansk in 1941, the man was badly wounded and spent his time recovering and dreaming of what he considered to be the perfect weapon. Six years later, production of the AK-47 began. The gun was imported all over the world, including the United States until 2014 when the U.S. government imposed an import sanction against Russia in protest of the country’s invasion of Crimea.

Even though the company that originally handled the importation of the AK-47, RWC, no longer dealt with the Kalashnikov, they did manage to hang onto the rights that allowed them to use the name, AK-47 in the United States which enabled them to open up a tiny assembly plant in Pennsylvania. The venture was so successful, they plan to open a larger plant in Pompano Beach, Florida.

It will be some time before the first AK-47 rolls off the assembly line in Pompano Beach. While RWC has gotten the blessing of the city to start the production plant, there are still some details that need to be ironed out. So far, no information has been given with regards to how many people will be employed in the new factory or how many rifles the company plans to produce annually.

Gun enthusiasts who were able to attend the National Shooting Sports Foundation annual conference the SHOT Show in Las Vegas were treated to demonstrations RWC put on that showed what their newly created line of rifles, dubbed “Alpha” were capable of. While the company is very proud of all the firearms they produce, they have high expectations for the AK-47 which they anticipate outselling the rest of their merchandise.


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