3D printed guns

3-D printing is all the rage and it will certainly become a more regulated industry once the government gets their hands on it. However the current industry is experiencing tremendous growth as well as a huge following amongst hobbyist. While AR-15 is still the preferred rifle among most gun lovers there is a newer and much more impressive gun that is hot off the presses.

The Colt CM901 assault rifle has just been printed by a 3-D hobbyist. The gun is larger and more powerful than the AR-15 and it is sure to draw the ire of liberal and left leaning groups. However the coolest aspect of this gun is the fact that it is said to be the heaviest caliber rifle to ever come off the presses of a 3-D printer.

PrintedFirearm.com recently posted a GIF of the aforementioned rifle that was firing several rounds at the local shooting range. For those that might be seeking a “gotcha” moment, the shooting range is fully legal and the proper supervision was in effect.

The rifle fires 7.62 mm rounds which is a much larger ammo than the typical .223 or 5.56 that the AR-15 uses. However one of the drawbacks to the gun, for some people, is the fact that it recoils much harder. This increased force has required the gun makers to produce sturdier and more reliable plastic parts that can handle the force and sheer power of the gun. According to those in attendance the gun can fire off several rounds with no issues at all. Obviously this is a step in the right direction for a long-term gun that has been printed.

The most amazing aspect of this new gun is the simple cost factor. The original 3-D printed gun was made using a printer that costs over $8000. This gun was produced using a $500 printer that anyone can buy. The arms race amongst the hobbyist and the purists is increasing rather rapidly. And we couldn’t be happier!

What are some of the concerns you might have when considering a 3-D printed gun? Is this something that would stop you from making the purchase?


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