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Baltimore has a dedicated police force just for its school system. As dangerous and violent as the city is, the police officers protecting the children in the city schools will not be able to carry a firearm thanks to the latest move from local lawmakers.

The city council in Annapolis has effectively killed any legislation that would have done away with this law and referendum. The community has been divided for some time over the hotly debated topic.

Now that the law is continuing, Baltimore school police will be the only police officers in the state that are not allowed to carry a weapon during school hours. Chairman of the city’s house delegation, Del. Curt Anderson said, “We couldn’t come up with a consensus.” Anderson, a Democrat, was the sponsor of the bill.

The topic of whether or not officers should be armed was divisive and at times mean spirited according to some. The community was split and the board members themselves were all over the map. Due to the acrimony the board decided to table the discussion until further notice. In essence they have swept the issue away.

Sgt. Clyde Boatwright, president of the school police union, said the delegation “did not get this one right. In a city with as much crime and violence, I’m deeply saddened to know that Baltimore City students won’t have the same protections that every other K-12 student in the state of Maryland has”.

Because of the high crime rate in Baltimore, the city school district has a dedicated police force of 141 officers. These officers are now going to be tasked with protecting and serving the students and faculty members without the aid or deterrent of a gun.

While it might seem like a typical left vs. right topic, this actually cuts much deeper. Many have argued that allowing guns in the schools would lead to more Columbine and Newtown school shootings. However the flip side to this argument would have to ask how different these events would have been if there had been armed personnel on campus at the time?

While the discussions about allowing schools to remain gun free zones might be valid in some respects, there is another aspect that needs to be discussed. While allowing principles and/or teachers to carry in school might be a bad idea for some, what could possibly be the objection to allowing a police officer to carry? They have been tasked with the order to serve and protect and their hands are being tied in the process?

As a lover of the second amendment, what are your thoughts about guns in schools? Should the teachers and faculty be allowed to carry? Should the police be allowed to carry on school grounds?


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