gun prototype stolen

A nine-millimeter sub-machine gun prototype was lifted (stolen) from the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) outdoor gun show on Saturday, February 6, 2016. The nine day show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, exhibited the latest in firearm engineering and among these marvel firearms was this nine-millimeter prototype made by Precision Firearms. The representatives from Precision Firearms had the gun in question on display when a team of what they believe to be one woman and two men, used a tactical diversion to remove the firearm from the their possession.

The taking of this sub-machine gun occurs on the heels of a situation involving the Harrisburg police and a stolen firearm from the National Civil War Museum. The Capitol police have in their possession a surveillance video of the bandits, but are refusing to release the video and any information concerning this investigation.

This prototype is the only model of the gun that this manufacturer claims to have, and furthermore being a porotype, it makes this gun the only one in existence. Precision Firearms is urging the public to “be on the lookout” for anyone that may have this gun. This gun is an extremely dangerous weapon in the wrong hands. A representative on behalf of Precision sent out a notice that stated, “It was our one and only prototype nine-millimeter Subgun. Share this post and make it difficult as possible for thieves to sell or use it.”

This is the first reported theft from the Harrisburg’s outdoor gun show, since being handed over to the NRA in 2014. The gun show’s regulations do not require that firearms be trussed, but do recommended securing all firearms to prevent theft. Though not extremely common, other thefts have occurred at outdoor shows, as did happen on February 10 when three knives were stolen.

The theft of this nine-millimeter Subgun was reported to the Capitol Police, by the Harrisburg Police Department on February 6 at 13:30. Mark Hostetter, owner of Precision Firearms was told by the detectives working this case not to make any comments concerning the investigation surrounding this weapon. Hostetter has offered a three thousand dollar reward for information that leads to the recovery of this firearm and criminal convictions of all individuals involved with the theft of his firearm.

The NRA recommends that all firearms on open display have the firing mechanisms disabled and be tethered by cable. Jeremy Greene an NRA spokesman commented, “Additionally, the NRA encourages all firearms or any valuable display from all vendors at the show to be securely tied to their booth. Most manufacturers do use some type of cable to tie down their firearms that are being handled by attendees”.


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