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While Lynard Skynard popularized the phrase, “Give me back my bullets”, it will be gun lovers and gun rights activists that are screaming this slogan. In what can only be labeled as a power grab by the Obama administration, White House officials have released information that is sure to send shockwaves throughout the nation. 5.56 ammunition is one of the most popular and widely used ammunitions in the world and according to the White House it is also one of the most deadly and should be banned.

5.56 green tipped ammunition is one of the most common types of ammunition in the popular AR-15 rifle. Not only is this the most popular ammunition in the most popular rifle, but it is also the standard ammunition used by NATO forces. According to the Obama administration this is an unsafe, armor-piercing round that needs to be banned and relegated to Special Forces.

The ATF will now be reclassifying the rounds as armor piercing which will essentially ban them from the general public. It is important to remember however that civilians who already have this round will not be considered lawbreakers or felons. In 1986 a bill known as the Law Enforcement Officers Protection Act designated that armor piercing rounds would no longer be acceptable for manufacture or for sale.

While this is not a new round and it has been around for many years, the ATF did not classify this round any differently because they were not used in handguns. However, according to the ATF, there is a growing market for AR style handguns. Thus the ammo is now in need of a reclassification. At issue here is not the standard 5.56 ammo but the green tipped variety. This style has a steel tip that can penetrate armor.

Perhaps the central theme here needs to be proper understanding. The 5.56 ammo is not a handgun round. This ammunition is intended to be a long range, high-powered rifle round. This is why the majority of AR style rifles have the ability to shoot this round. While .223 is a standard ammunition for the AR, having the ability to shoot the 5.56 is an added bonus for many gun lovers.

In addition to the fact that this ammunition is not a handgun based ammo is the simple fact that this administration has not hidden their dislike for the AR-15 as well as many other rifles. The term assault rifle is thrown around like candy and in the end it does nothing but spread lies and misinformation. The popular AR-15 is often referred to as the “assault rifle 15. The AR does not stand for assault rifle but rather it stands for the original company that made this gun, Armalite. Armalite sold the rights to this gun to Colt in 1959.

While many will argue that this is just a step in the right direction for public safety and police safety, the simple truth is much different. Obviously we are not in favor of mass murder or of police killings. However we are also in favor of following the second amendment. “Shall not be infringed” either means what it says or it does not. Mr. President, which parts of the constitution are literal and which parts are allegorical?


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