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Lapua Ammo

Lapua brass offers superior quality with uniform precision in all cases. These cases are made for reloading with a strong base section and dimensions that will keep primers packed tight even after reloading dozens of times. Lapua maintains strict manufacturing standards to insure that each case is uniform and strong enough to last through repeated reloading. If you are looking for quality that will last for months of shooting, this is the brand you need. This is an awarding winning company officially known as Nammo Lapua Oy. They primarily offer small caliber cartridges and components from their factory that has been in operation since 1923. For nearly 100 years, Lapua has been growing into its current standing as one of the most prominent brands in the world of firearms. Shooters love Lapua cartridges because they are backed by decades of experience and made to the highest quality assurance standards. Every lot is hand inspected and the Lapua team takes shooter feedback seriously. This brand offers matching components to insure the best ballistic capabilities and excellent muzzle velocity. Lapua cartridges are a favorite among reloaders because they know that the components will always match up to create a perfect fit. The latest offering is the Scenar bullet, a record breaking line that was first introduced in the 1980’s. It has unrivaled accuracy making it a top choice among international competitive shooters. The latest generation of Scenar bullets is even better than the first and is predicted to be a top choice among Olympian shooters in the future.

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