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Allegiance Ammunition Ammo

Based in Virginia, Allegiance is setting new industry standards with three basic ammunition options. The CleanStrike offers a safer lead free training round in a jacketless design that is optimal for indoor shooting. With no jacket, you won’t have to worry about bullets bouncing off steel or causing accidental injuries. Allegiance also offers PowerStrike, a powerful option with high energy transfer core that is designed to penetrate even thick skin and bones in hunting expeditions. Upon impact, this ammo breaks apart into tiny metal particles that produce a wider wound and causes immediate stopping powder. The PowerStrike ammo was designed for law enforcement, hunting, and extreme self defense situations. SilentStrike is another option from Allegiance and it is designed primarily for military and law enforcement. This ammo is compatible with semi and fully automatic weapons like the M4 and AR. It provides silent shooting with no modification needed.

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