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Barnes Bullets Ammo

Barnes Bullets is an experienced producer of ammo and other supplies for hunting and shooting sports. Owners Randy and Coni Brooks are experienced hunters that have traveled around the world to test their bullet designs on large and small game. Today, this company is still the oldest supplier of hunting bullets in the US and their reputation for excellence makes them a top choice of hunting enthusiasts. The long history of Barnes success began in 1932 when Fred Barnes started selling friends the handmade bullets he created in his basement. This was a time when handloading was just beginning to gain a following and Fred felt like the current bullets didn’t offer the satisfactory performance he was looking for. HE began experimenting with design options and eventually created a soft lead core that was encased in copper tubing. While most conventional jacketed bullets featured a gliding metal coat, the cooper offered better penetration and controlled expansion. His creations were an instant success among friends and he soon realized that this hobby had potential to bloom into a full time business. Just a few years later, he began large scale manufacturing of his designs, becoming the first and only supplier of custom bullets in the country. After World War II ended, he moved his operations to Colorado and operated there until he sold the company to Burford Corporation in 1965. Ownership changed again in 1967 and Barnes Bullets was reborn as “Colorado Custom Bullets”. In 1974, Randy and Coni Brooks bought out the company and started manufacturing the original Barnes designs from Utah. Over the years, Barnes Bullets has undergone a lot of changes, but at its root, the technology and innovation remains at the top of the industry.

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Ammo type Caliber Bullet type Grains Casing QTY Order by quantity In stock? Order by stock availability Price Order by price Price per round Order by price per round Store
Rifle .22-250 Rem RN 50.0 N/A 20 $42.99 $2.15 Brownells
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Handgun .40 S&W RN 140.0 N/A 20 $28.99 $1.45 vizardsgunsandammo.com
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