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Colt Ammo

Colt is one of the world’s leading firearm companies, but now they also offer ammo through a partnership with Black Hills Ammunition. This new Colt named ammo will include 55 and 77 grain bullets designed for the 5.56x45 NATO chambered rifle. Midway USA is the first to stock Colt ammunition. In the days following the Civil War, Colt developed a famous slogan that still sticks around today: “Abe Lincoln may have freed all men, but Sam Colt made them equal.” Many historians have said that Sam Colt’s inventions changed history forever and today’s gun owners are still enjoying the fruits of his labors. The Colt Revolver boomed to popularity during the late 1800’s and it quickly became the best known firearm through the United States, Canada, Mexico, and many parts of Europe. Sam Colt first gained the patent on his revolving cylinder gun in 1836. Since that time, there have been over 30 million Colt revolvers, pistols, and rifles in circulations and most of them come from the Connecticut home base. In 1851, the Colt company have several major developments. First, they opened the first overseas plant in England giving them a solid standing in the international marketplace. Second, Colt purchased land in Hartford, Connecticut that eventually served as the home for Colt’s largest manufacturing facility. In modern days, Colt had a rejuvenation with “The Last Gun” in 1995. This was the final Single Action army revolver made in the famous Connecticut plant. It was made as a collector’s showpiece with historical gold inlays to depict the Colt family lineage and legacy. Colt also rolled out other new products that quickly rose to the top of the modern firearms industry. Today’s hottest sales come from the Colt .22 Target pistol, the Colt Match Target rifle, and the .38 SF-VI revolver.

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Rimfire .22 LR N/A None N/A 10 $37.20 $3.72 vizardsgunsandammo.com
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