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Federal Premium Ammo

Federal Premium is the number one choice for sporting ammunition today. Outdoorsmen love Premium ammo because it was designed to be effective in a variety of calibers and has consistently proven to be the best on the hunt. Whether you shoot as a hobby or you are a serious hunter, this is the ammo that you want at your side when it really counts. This line of award winning ammo comes from Federal Cartridge Company that started in 1922 as the dream of Charles Horn. Today, CEO Mark W. DeYoung continues to push the Horn legacy forward with innovative new firearms technology and ground breaking advances in ammunition. The Premium line is designed to cater to shooter’s most common requests. There are thousands of options in this line making it one of the most diverse in the industry. Today, Federal Premium manufactures shot shells, centerfire and rimfire ammo, and firearms components from its home base in Anoka, Minnesota. As a division of ATK Sporting, they are among the world’s top ammunition manufacturers with around 1,400 employees creating ammo in their plant each week. If you are looking for ammunition with a long history of success and a heritage for passionate firearms practices, this is your brand. Federal Premium offers all of the ammo you need whether you enjoy competitive shooting or just like to stay loaded up for home defense.

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Ammo type Caliber Bullet type Grains Casing QTY Order by quantity In stock? Order by stock availability Price Order by price Price per round Order by price per round Store
Handgun .40 S&W HP 165.0 N/A 50 $39.99 $0.80 Madison Gold & Guns
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Handgun .40 S&W HP 165.0 N/A 500 $390.00 $0.78 Madison Gold & Guns
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