PMC Ammunition Ammo

Precision Made Cartridges offers premium ammunition designed for hunters and competitors. PMC holds high standards for quality and accuracy and over the years, they have designed a diverse product line to insure that all of your shooting needs are met whether you are going out for a Saturday morning hunt or just firing off a few rounds at the practice range.

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Ammo type Caliber Bullet type Grains Casing QTY QTY In stock? Price Price per round Store
Rifle .223 Rem FMJ 55.0 N/A 1000 $599.99 $0.60 Rainier Arms
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Rifle .223 Rem FMJ 55.0 N/A 20 $13.49 $0.67 Rainier Arms
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"Ultramax 357SR2 357 Sig Remfg 125gr FMJ (Per 50)"

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