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.32 ACP Ammunition

Also known as: 32 acp, 32 Auto, .32 Auto, 32 Auto (ACP), 32acp, 32 Caliber

The .32 Automatic Colt Pistol is often called the .32 Automatic. It’s a centerfire pistol cartridge designed by John Browning in 1899. It is sometimes called the 7.65mm Browning. Many countries quickly chose this cartridge as the top choice for government agent usage. In fact, it has been used in more handguns than any other cartridge in history to date. Within the first decade after its release, Fabrique Nationale released 500,000 guns that were chambered to work with the 32 ACP. This cartridge has a lot of historic significance. It is most commonly known as the cartridge used by Adolf Hitler when he committed suicide by shooting himself in his right temple. While modern takes on the 32 ACP use heavier projectiles or expanding bullets, the overall design of this cartridge is light and compact. It has been a top choice of global military personnel for over 100 years. It is rarely used for hunting and is mostly chosen for human targets at close ranges. However, it is the most common caliber used for “humane killing” by veterinary professionals that still use firearms in some parts of the world to put down diseased horses and cattle. The 32 ACP is still very popular in the United States today and is often used for concealed carry pistols.

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Winchester Super-X .32 ACP STHP 60 Grain 50 Rounds

HP 60.0 N/A 50 $62.99 $1.26 Sportsmans Guide
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Norma Range & Training .32 ACP FMJ 73 Grain 50 Rounds

FMJ 73.0 N/A 50 $24.99 $0.50 Sportsmans Guide
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32 Automatic by Winchester 32 Automatic, USA 71gr., Full Metal Jacket, (Per 50)

FMJ 71.0 N/A 50 $34.68 $0.69 All in Tactical
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32 Harrington & Richardson Magnum by Federal 32 H&R Magnum, 95gr, Lead Semi Wadcutter, (Per 20)

N/A 95.0 N/A 20 $20.40 $1.02 All in Tactical
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