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.32 S&W Long Ammunition

Also known as: 32 s&w long, 32 S&W, .32 Smith & Wesson Long

Smith and Wesson introduced the 32 Long in 1896 for use in the first Hand Ejector revolver. It is just a longer version of the earlier 32 S&W, used for short distance self defense. Upon its release, the cartridge utilized black powder, but it was updated in 1903 to use smokeless powder to create the same chamber pressure. The 32 S&W Long is historically significant after Theodore Roosevelt standardized use of this cartridge for police use in New York City. Many law enforcement officers in the northeastern states subsequently adopted it. The Colt company eventually referred to this cartridge as the “Colt New Police”. Over time, this cartridge has gradually fallen out of use as the .38 S&W Special became more effective. However, it is still a popular choice among internation high-end target shooting competitors.

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