7.62 Nagant Ammunition

Also known as: 7.62 mm Nagant

The 7.62 Nagant was designed for the Russian Nagant M1894 revolver. Designer Fedor Tokarev also created a small number of submachine guns to work with the 7.62 cartridge, but none were ever accepted for widespread usage in the Soviet forces. This cartridge is mostly used for target practice because it has subpar stopping power and isn’t suitable for hunting and military use.

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Brand Bullet type Grains Casing QTY In stock? Price Price per round Store
Prvi Partizan

PPU Handgun Line 7.62 Nagant FPJ 98 Grain 50 Rounds

PP 98.0 brass 50 $25.99 $0.52 Sportsmans Guide
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