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.250 Savage Ammunition

Also known as: 250 savage

Charles Newton created the .250 Savage cartridge for the Model 95 lever action rifle in 1915. The basic .250 design is a necked down variation of the .30-06 Springfield. It was intended for use with 100 grain bullets, but Savage reduced the bullet weight in order to get higher velocities. This was the first American made cartridge that ever achieved velocities topping 3,000 feet per second. While it isn’t as powerful as the .25-06 Remington, it was still quite popular because of the reduced recoil and lower noise. While it performs almost identically to the .257 Roberts, the Roberts ultimately became more popular because of the flatter shooting 6mm cartridges that provided greater accuracy. While it is hard to find new firearms that use the .250 Savage today, it is still a good round for hunting small game.

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