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.370 Sako Mag Ammunition

Also known as: .370 Sako Magnum

The 370 Sako Magnum is a .366 caliber cartridge used with 286-grain Barnes Triple-Shock X-bullets or 286-grain Nosler Partition bullets. It can achieve velocities that mimic the .375 H&H and offers effective stopping power on even large game at short distances.

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Federal P370A Cape-Shok 370 Sako Magnum Barnes Banded Solid 286 GR 20Box/10Case

RN 286.0 N/A 20 $104.27 $5.21 foundryoutdoors.com
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Federal P370WH Cape-Shok 370 Sako Magnum Woodleigh Hydro Solid 286 GR 20Bx/10Cs

N/A 286.0 N/A 20 $133.28 $6.66 foundryoutdoors.com
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Federal P370SA Cape-Shok 370 Sako Magnum Swift A-Frame 286 GR 20Box/10Case

N/A 286.0 N/A 20 $121.91 $6.10 foundryoutdoors.com
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