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.375 H&H Ammunition

Also known as: 375 h&h, .375 H&H Mag, 375 H&H Magnum, .375 H&H Magnum

The .375 Holland and Holland Magnum was only the second rifle cartridge ever released with a belt, which is now very common in magnum rounds. By adding the belt, H&H managed to replace functionality in the design of the rimless cartridges. The .375 was introduced in 1912 and first used cordite propellant, which caused the cartridges to have a tapered shape. Ultimately, this was documented to be one of the most useful all-round rifle cartridges particularly for large game. In many parts of Africa, the .375 H&H is considered the minimum acceptable caliber for use on thick-skinned dangerous game animals. It is also a top choice in Alaska for guides that lead hunting expeditions in areas where they frequently encounter brown bears and polar bears.

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