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7.5 x 55mm Swiss Ammunition

Also known as: 7.5x55 Swiss, 7.5x55

The 7.5 x 55mm Swiss, sometimes called the GP 11, was developed by Lt. Col. Eduard Rubin for Swiss Army rifles. It was used in the Schmidt-Rubin Model 1889 rifle and was one of the first cartridges to ever use a 7.5 mm copper-jacketed design. This is a unique cartridge because the original rounds were paper patched, with the bullets actually wrapped in small pieces of paper. This was supposed to help the gas seal of the bullet and it is truly a great talking point for any collector!

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7.5x55 Swiss (Schmidt-Rubin) - 174 gr FMJBT- Prvi Partizan - 20 Rounds

FMJ-BT 174.0 brass 20 $25.00 $1.25 Lucky Gunner
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PPU PP7SF Metric Rifle 7.5X55mm Swiss 174 GR Full Metal Case (FMC) 20 rounds

FMC 174.0 metal 20 $37.99 $1.90 vizardsgunsandammo.com
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