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.22 Hornet Ammunition

Also known as: 22 Hornet

The .22 Hornet is a centerfire rifle cartridge commonly used for small game hunting. When compared with the popular .22 WMR and the .17 HMR, it is notably more powerful and has a higher velocity. The bullets actually weigh twice as much. The Hornet is can be reloaded by hand so it is extremely versatile. This was the smallest available .22 centerfire cartridge until the FN 5.7x28 mm. With nearly zero recoil, the .22 Hornet is extremely popular for deer hunting in some parts of the world. However, critics have argued that it is not quite powerful enough to take down a deer unless aim is perfect. Because of the potential for wounded game to escape, some parts of the United States prohibit use of this cartridge for deer hunting.

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