.22 Magnum (WMR) Ammunition

Also known as: 22 Mag/WMR, .22 Win Mag, .22 WMR, 22 WMR, 22WMR, .22 Mag, 22FWMB, 22 wmr/ mag

The .22 Magnum is also commonly called the .22 WMR. It was first introduced by Winchester in 1959 and is the only successful rimfire cartridge that was released in the 20th Century. Compared to the .22LR, the Magnum uses a larger case that is thicker to allow higher pressures. This results in velocities topping 2,000 feet per second when paired with a 30-grain bullet in a rifle. It can also achieve 1,500 feet per second in a handgun. Even though the Magnum is more powerful than the .22LR, it is still much harder to find in retail stores. It is also much more expensive and so shooters often choose the LR instead.

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